Today’s Menu – Brains, Tofu and Noodles!

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Literally speaking, the colour of a preserved brain appears as grey. This is because the extensive outer layer of the brain (the cerebral cortex) is grey.  However, below the grey matter there is what’s known as white matter. The classification comes from their actual colour as seen by the naked eye.

 The cell bodies of the nerve cells (neurons) make up the grey matter while the white matter or the “telephone lines” are long filaments that travel from the cell body. Their job is to transmit electric signals that carry messages between neurons. The white matter belongs to the neuronal network.

It used to be thought that the white matter was of secondary importance compared with the grey matter. However, recent research suggests that both the grey and white matter grow in learning situations. In fact, work together when a person learns a new task. It is not known at present whether the white matter actually plays a role in learning.

 Colloquially speaking using one’s grey matter is another way of saying “use your brain”. People refer to the brain in other ways like “use your noodle” (to think more) here the reference is probably to the white matter or long filaments suggestive of noodles

 Did you know that the average brain weighs about 1.5 kilos? It is soft to touch, somewhat like tofu.

Wow! This is turning into quite a feast – brains, tofu and noodles. I think I’ll pass on that!

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