My Right Brain Is Connected To My Left Brain- Is Yours?

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It is a well known fact that our brain is divided into two parts. In layman’s terms we refer to it as the left brain and the right brain. Technically, the brain is divided into two distinctly separate cerebral hemispheres—much like the way earth is divided into the northern and the southern hemispheres.

Both sides look alike, but both have their own jobs to do. They function side-by-side or laterally. However, lateral working is different for different people and for specific functions.

There is actually no person who can be clearly called “left brained or right brained”. For that one needs to get a hemispherectomy done where one hemisphere is surgically removed.

 One can get an idea of how the brain functions in this lateral scenario when a person favours the left or the right hand. In the same way, a left or right ear preference is also an indication of lateral brain functioning. However, using the left or the right hand will not tell you the location of the brain which is doing that function.

Both sides work together, both have the ability to reason. However, both have different approaches, the right is considered to have a global or holistic approach and the left a more analytic approach.

Take a simple example like Learning…
The left brain is referred to as a successive processor where learning is preferred in a step-by-step systematic and chronological or sequential format. Simply put, start with the details and go on to a global understanding of the subject or skill. For example, basic language processes are predominantly controlled by the left hemisphere

The right brain is the simultaneous processor, where learning happens with an understanding of the general concept or the big picture and then the details are looked in to. Tasks like map reading, navigation and recognising faces are coordinated by the right hemisphere

So the answer to the question are you right- or left-brained is yes to both!

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