Metaphysics And The Nature Of Man

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So what is metaphysics and what do we mean by the nature of man? Well, let’s start with a look at metaphysics…

The main tradition has been to use ‘metaphysics’ as a title for philosophical as distinct from scientific or experimental inquiries.

The term may drive from the title posthumously given to a treatise that Aristotle wrote after he had written The Physics. Aristotle himself called the subject the “first philosophy”. The “first philosophy” deals with the nature of being – that which underlies the cause and effect.

What do we mean by the nature of man?

You may or may not have heard of the term ‘triune nature of man’ – it means that man (woman) is a threefold being comprising Spirit, Soul and Body.

The body is associated with life and death… existence in accordance with the laws of the physical world.

The soul or psyche is that aspect of man which changes as we raise our level of consciousness. It is the mediator between body and spirit.

The spirit is the external part of self. It is not tied to the body but belongs to another realm.

In metaphysics we acknowledge that, in terms of the threefold aspect, spirit is the origin of man.

That might well be enough for now. Next time we’ll have a look at the differing views of man presented in the works of Aristotle and Plato.

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