Internet Censorship – Yippee!

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People often complain about governments always taking. But governments can be benevolent too! Just look at how readily governments around the world are acting to protect us from information overload

Come on, don’t be mean – just think how great it will be to have freedom from information.  Really you are never satisfied. One moment you’re moaning about freedom of information not working… now governments are giving you freedom from information and you ought to be shouting Yippee!

Well, do you seriously want to spend your precious time analysing information? Then there’s the added burden of controlling the urge to ask questions and the frustration of endless waiting for answers – I mean you’ve got better things to do with your time!

Let’s take it further… do you really want to be bothered with the ‘ins and outs’ of government? Surely you can be satisfied with paying your taxes and letting the government spend your money for you. That way you can get on with living your life… dining out, entertainment and vacations. Now that’s having a life!

It’s not hard to see why governments want to protect you from information overload and help you enjoy a worry-free life. You see, there’s information and there’s information. There’s some information that’s okay for you to see and there’s some that is not. The perceived problem in letting you see the ‘not’ information is that you  might get an idea and then be foolish enough to act on it.

Worse still you might find out what’s happening in the political, economic and social environments at home and around the globe and start worrying. Then you might get all stressed by asking questions that are really ‘non-of-your-business’.

But don’t be alarmed for governments already have the solution. And you’ll no doubt be relieved to know it’s so simple. Just find a highly emotive issue upon which virtually everyone will agree. Then it can be used as the thin end of a wedge to protect you from information that might distress you. Wondering what to do about objectors? No problem, just brand them. Look, simply relax. All the t’s have crossed and all the i’s dotted so you don’t have to concern yourself with anything other than enjoying life safe in the arms of government.

As always, don’t simply accept what I write. Think about things for yourself and reach your own conclusions.

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