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Key To Mind

Open Your Mind

 When I want a quick way to get in touch with my brain here’s what I do:     
 1) Place my right middle finger (the longest one on my right hand) lightly in the 
 indentation between my eyebrows where the bridge of my nose meets my
 forehead and…

2) Close my eyes, place the tip of my tongue to the roof of my mouth and imagine I am breathing into and out of indentation.

3) I breathe slowly while keeping my finger in place for one to two minutes.

4) I practice this whenever I feel the need.

I find my mind is clearer, my concentration improved and I feel more relaxed.

The real purposes of my describing this exercise is to illustrate just how simple it is to interact with one’s brain and to get you thinking. Thinking what? Thinking that if accessing your brain is that easy then maybe you have within you awesome powers you never previously thought you possessed. If that is so… then surely DIY is possible. And it sure is!

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