Do Angry Chefs Create Angry Food?

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TV presentations of celebrity chefs seem to be in vogue. And it seems obligatory for celebrity chefs to be bad tempered. So I ask myself how can angry chefs produce good food… they must do because most of them own restaurants that have been awarded Michelin hats.  

But how can that be? Well, first let’s define what we mean by ‘good’ food. When I think about good food it is in terms of the level of the foods vibrational energy. What I mean is whether it adds to or detracts from my personal energy field.

I suspect that is a very narrow definition compared with the Michelin hat criteria. My understanding is that it is a broadly based assessment that includes value for money, quality of flavour and the appeal of the food.

On that basis we are obviously poles apart. Fundamental to my position is that food in imbued with vibrational energy and that we can enhance or reduce the quality of that field through direct contact with it or by thoughts emanating from us or others in the kitchen.

What’s all that got to do with good food and chefs hats? Well, it’s the basis of my argument that angry chefs create angry food. But before I pursue that further I want to describe a personal experience.

I used to own a vegetarian café where we made all our own food. One of our specialities were our muffins. One particular chef used to regularly produce fantastic muffins. On occasions I would make them using the exact same recipe and cooking procedure but they would always fall short.

So what was the mystery ingredient that was missing in my muffins. I mean they looked the same more or less tasted the same but seem to lack something… it was as though their personality had been compromised.

It turned out that she (the chef) had been taught how to make muffins by her grandmother. Part of that training had been how to pour love into the ingredient mix. No doubt too there was lots of love in their kitchen so that making muffins even in a different environment recalled beautiful loving memories.

Anyway, back to the question of how to make happy food. Oddly enough, part of the answer lies in starting at the end. What I mean is you need to define your intent. At the highest level you want to offer love to those who will receive the food.

Obsession with outcomes makes putting love into food more difficult. By obsessions I mean things like over-commitment to perfection in presentation and culinary prowess or being driven by deadlines. So what I mean by starting at the end is that by being clear on your endpoint (sending love) facilitates detachment from outcomes.

So what helps us build up our feeling of love and mix it into the food?
Well, the energy field pre-existing in the kitchen, for example. If you take over a cooking shift where there is a negative energy field left behind (baggage) from a previous argument you should first rebalance the field. You can do that by bringing in your own happy peaceful ‘mood’ or perhaps use the universal “Om” chant.

Now you are ready to bring out the ingredients for the meal. The most direct way to pour your love into the food is through direct bare hand contact. That way you can work with and caress the food the way you might your lover’s body.

Work to detach yourself from outcomes… focus your thoughts on the foods, think lovingly of those who will shortly be receiving your gift of love. Okay by not being obsessed with outcomes may mean the food is a bit late on the table… may mean it’s not cooked to perfection. So what! Those receiving it will be so enveloped with the love you’ve sent them that no-one will notice imperfections.

Finally, whenever practicable, .the person preparing and cooking the food should serve it. That way the energy associated with the cook’s presence will contribute directly to the energy field surrounding the table.

So it’s back to my original question… do angry chefs create angry food? I think the answer is a definitive yes!

However.I have to admit that my café didn’t get a Michelin hat!

Bon appetit

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