Brain: If I Use The Other 90% … I’ll Be Super-Human! Yippee!

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The origin of the idea that we use only 10% of our brain is of no real concern. Of more interest is the suggestion that we are operating in a very limited way and the implication that ordinary people have the potential to somehow become extraordinary with immense mental capability and psychic powers beyond belief. Sorry folks – ‘it ain’t goin to happen’!

Why? Well, if you tracked the activity of your brain over a whole day you would find that you used 100% of your brain. Some areas are more active than others but aside from any permanently damaged areas there is no part that is absolutely dormant. The fact is that we use all of our brain – all 50 or so billion nerve cells in the brain. That is not to say that all your brain cells are actively firing at the same time – it depends on what the brain is doing.

There is absolutely no hidden power just waiting to catapult you to super-human status. So, if you’re dreaming you could be smarter than Einstein or perhaps bend spoons with your thoughts if only you bothered to switch on the other 90% of your brain – ENJOY THE DREAM!

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