The Magic And Power Of Darkness – Part 2

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So what is it about darkness that makes it both magic and powerful? Read more…

The Magic And Power of Darkness – Part 1

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In this two-part series I want to explore the effect of darkness – as in a lack of light – on our senses. I’m not yet sure how it might unfold so while I gather my thoughts a bit of scene-setting might be in order.

And what better way than by using the lyrics to “The Music Of The Night” from “The Phantom Of The Opera” by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The song is about seduction. Read more…

Thirst, A Bottle of Water And Voluntary Drowning!

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Honestly, I’ve never seen so many people walking around water bottle in hand – it must be at pandemic proportions!

 If that’s you… do you know why?  Perhaps you’ve heard that it’s supposedly healthy to drink lots of water or maybe you’ve seen the slogan “drink 6 to 8 glasses of water each day”. Read more…

The Great Taste Seduction: Not Just A Tongue-Job!

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You have to admit that food and beverage manufacturers know a thing or two about designing foods and drinks… in fact, they know exactly how to tick all the right boxes! But we can’t really blame them… after all we are letting the seduction happen! Read more…

Martial Arts: How About A Damn Good Tantrum?

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Regular readers of my posts will know I often make reference to primitive man and babies. I do so because I believe, for example, our DNA (genetic code) has changed very little over time and that babies provide a largely unconditioned behavioural expression of our primitive DNA.

As such, babies and toddlers can provide useful clues to basic patterns of behaviour that we adults have become so adept at not only suppressing but effectively deleting from our subconscious mind.

What’s all that got to do with martial arts? Read more…

The Whole Truth: But How Reliable Is Witness Evidence?

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You may be familiar with the phrase “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…”  It is used in court to swear in a witness and basically means don’t leave anything out and don’t tell lies.

No doubt most witnesses do their utmost to tell the truth but just how reliable is witness evidence and what has it got to do with the brain. Read more…

Homeland Security And Brain Health – An Odd Couple?

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On first thoughts you probably might agree Homeland Security and brain health do indeed make for an odd couple. However, all is not what it seems for, in at least one major aspect, they have much in common. Read more…

Brain Health: Are Nanoparticles Saints or Sinners?

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Nanoparticles hold enormous potential to change many aspects of our existence… some for the better, some for the worse. So what are nanoparticles; where do they come from; what have they got to do with brain health; and why have I referred to them as saints or sinners? Read more…

Ouch! See, You Should Have Watched The Ball

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Tracking and catching or hitting objects are the key parts of many ball games as well as sports like martial arts and boxing. Such activities engage faculties like attention, focus, coordination, judgement, movement and visual acuity and so have potential to activate several parts of the brain. Read more…

Get Your Best Valentine’s Card Ever – Guaranteed!

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What if I told you that I can get a fantastic Valentine’s card any year I choose. In fact, I can guarantee it!

So, this Valentine’s Day while you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the mailman, I’ll be reading a beautiful card telling me how wonderful I am. Read more…

Can You Design Your Own Brain? Yes, You Can! – Part 2

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In Part 1 we looked at how we might design our brain using music and language. If you found that a bit on the heavy side you may find these methods more appealing Read more…

Can You Design Your Own Brain? Yes, You Can! – Part 1

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In this short series we’re going to look at how you can design your own brain. I bet you didn’t think you could do that, did you?

Well, you can… and why shouldn’t you. I mean we have designer clothes, designer houses, designer this… designer that, so why shouldn’t you have a designer brain too. Read more…

Have You Met A Physics?

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Okay, so it’s a dreadful title… but I just couldn’t resist it! As you’ve probably worked out this post is about Metaphysics and its application in everyday life. Please don’t jump to the conclusion that it means a whole lot of spiritual stuff. It doesn’t!

Metaphysics opens up a whole new way of thinking and reveals the extent of the control you actually have over the reality you create for yourself. It’s both exciting and frightening because it puts you in control of your life… which some might find scary! Read more…

Cancer Tricks Immune System – Or Does It?

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I actually set out to write a post looking at Swine Flu ‘propaganda’ as an example of where we need to exercise critical thinking. However, my thoughts kept drifting to some research I read recently on the artificial stimulation of the immune system to recognise cancer cells. Read more…

Who Took The ‘Real’ Out Of Reality?

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When I’m struggling to explain things related to the workings of the body and mind I sometimes find it helpful to take a trip back to early-man (not literally as I don’t have Dr Who’s TARDIS) as it gives me a sense of where we were and where we now are.

In this post I want to look at the development of one’s personal ‘map of reality’ and how it can become distorted. By ‘map of reality’ I mean how an individual interprets the world around her/him, who they believe they are, how they think they fit into the world and where they believe they are going. Read more…

Thinking: Sorry But We Don’t Do That!

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Question: How do you make politicians, scientists, the media and advertising executives happy? Answer: Stop thinking. Hey, that’s easy… we already have! Read more…

Intuition: Power-Thinking For The 21st Century

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If we make decisions by analysing and processing sounds, sights and other sensory input such as touch does that mean someone without those faculties cannot make decisions? Read more…

2010 – The International Year Of The Brain?

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2010 has been designated the International Year of the Brain. .Well, it hasn’t officially so I’ve had to do it myself.

And that’s what you’ll have to do. I don’t mean designate the year but rather dedicate 2010 and the years thereafter to looking after your brain. Read more…

Copenhagen: Confused? You’re Supposed To Be!

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There are Greenhouse Gasses and there’s Air Pollution. The most famous of the Greenhouse Gasses is undoubtedly Carbon Dioxide (CO2). CO2 is the fifth most abundant naturally occurring gas in the atmosphere and is essential for life on earth. A naturally occurring gas can’t be a pollutant. On the other hand, air pollution the constituents of which include: carbon monoxide; nitric oxide; sulphur dioxide; particulate matter and ozone… kills people. Read more…

Stop Lights, Asian Brides and Death in Africa!

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Have you heard the expression “seeing red”? If so, what do you think it means?

Are you thinking that “seeing red” indicates anger? In part you’re right. But before we ponder further, we ought to first look at how we see colours. Read more…

How Multi-Tasking Can Get You Killed!

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In caveman (cave person?) days physical survival no doubt topped our list of priorities. We would sense or observe danger and decide how to act to stay alive.

So let’s call that basic multi-tasking. There were two tasks involved: observation (sensory) and reaction (motor). Read more…

Beat Belly Bulge, Build Brain – No Sweat!

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Imagine if you could beat belly bulge and build your brain at the same time simply by changing something you already do. Sounds pretty good eh!  Read more…

I’m A Big Baby – Why Aren’t You?

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When it comes to keeping your brain fit and healthy you need to become a big baby. Now I don’t mean you become a sook… what I mean is that you can rewire your brain using the some of the techniques that babies use to build their brain. Read more…

Your Best Investment Opportunity EVER!

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Imagine receiving huge dividends year after year for life… 
                                          How would you feel if you could do that?

And what if those dividends were 100% tax-free
                                                                     Wouldn’t that be great! Read more…

Oh Dear… I Said The Wrong Thing!

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At the end of an earlier post “More S-X Please – It’s A No-Brainer” I indicated that I would take a look at some of the neurochemicals that are released as a result of circulating sexual energy around the body.

I had in mind discussing the role played in memory formation and learning by neurochemicals, such as serotonin, vasopressin,  dopamine and others… but you know what – it doesn’t really matter!. Read more…