There’s Water And There’s Water!

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I’ve never actually found any rigorous science to back up the claim that we should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water each day.  Why don’t we just drink water when we feel thirsty.

We seem to continually underestimate the super-intelligence stored in our body cells. We’ve sold our innate intelligence out to the power of marketing by ‘designer’ water drink manufacturers.

Do you really think the body doesn’t have a sensitive mechanism that triggers the “you are thirsty” button when it actually requires water.  Oh dear all that wasn’t what I intended this post to be about!

What I wanted to bring to your attention was a word of caution about the content of the water you drink.

If you are concerned about brain health I suggest you should avoid drinking water containing added aluminium to the extent possible. There is some evidence that Alzheimer’s disease victims have higher than average concentrations of aluminium in their brains. However, whether there is a definite link remains to be proven. But given:

 1) The widespread prevalence of aluminium in the environment 

2) The fact you most probably already get an intake of aluminium from food additives and medication

 3) That aluminium sulphate is routinely added to drinking water….

why add to the potential risk.

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