The Magic And Power of Darkness – Part 1

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In this two-part series I want to explore the effect of darkness – as in a lack of light – on our senses. I’m not yet sure how it might unfold so while I gather my thoughts a bit of scene-setting might be in order.

And what better way than by using the lyrics to “The Music Of The Night” from “The Phantom Of The Opera” by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The song is about seduction. The Phantom wants Christine to be not just his lover but his exalted soulmate. He has nothing but his music to offer and desperately needs his composition to take Christine’s mind to another world  – away from the one she knows – in order to seduce her. Since the song is about seduction it contains, as you’d expect, several ‘mind game’ phrases and words like: sharpening and heightening sensations, imagination, senses and abandoning defences, that we can look at further in Part 2.

So let’s close our eyes and abandon our defences as we listen to David Cook’s version of this poignant song.  Simply click on the following link:  David Cook – The Music Of The Night  (MP3 file)

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