Sexual Energy – Super Power For Your Brain

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What is Sexual Energy
Sexual energy is a bioelectric energy and goes by many names but I prefer to see it as sperm or ovarian energy – it’s the body’s life force – the power that gives the body vitality. It has its origins at conception and can either be preserved and circulated to benefit from its powerful healing properties or squandered with a consequent depletion in vitality and general deterioration in health. Unfortunately, most of us choose the latter path albeit largely out of ignorance. Sexual energy can circulate around the body via channels or meridians – a term with which most people are familiar. Other bioelectric energy systems include the nervous system and charkas – all three systems are interrelated.

Hoe It Works 
Here’s my basic explanation of how I picture sexual energy effecting healing.

I’ll focus on the meridian pathways – these are a framework of connective tissue running throughout the body. As a layman the way I see it is that the sexual energy in the form of a bioelectric field flows through the meridian pathways and enters, for example, the organs and glands including the brain. Due to the movement of the molecules comprising an organ there is already an electromagnetic field in existence the strength of which, at any particular time, depends upon the relative health of the particular organ. If the organ is diseased the disease alters its natural frequency of vibration – and consequently its function is impaired. When sexual energy enters that same organ it’s a bit like re-charging a battery and the organ’s natural frequency of vibration and hence its electromagnetic field are restored, so returning the organ to optimum functioning.

Just one final point
Sexual energy is very powerful and should be treated as such – special techniques need to be learnt in order to circulate and use it safely – but these can be easily acquired

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