Oh No!… Not The “Bringers Of The Dawn”

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Dear Barbara, we agree on a couple of fundamental things (at least, I think we do!):

  • There is a universal creative intelligence that orchestrates the Universe; and
  • There are enlightened beings amongst us.

But here’s where we part ways…

You see, to my mind, we are all, each and every one of us, imbued with the creative intelligence. The evolved beings that are present are nothing more and nothing less than persons just like you and I who had made the effort, taken the time and had the courage to pursue spiritual development. They have learnt how to access the awesome power they already possess and use it to further their physical, mental and spiritual development. In some cases they have taught themselves how to amplify their creative intelligence by interacting with the earth, sun and the stars – I’ll expand on that process later in this post.

Some might argue it is a process that extends over several ‘lifetimes’, I have an open mind on that and I don’t want to distract from my main ‘theme’ by debating the concept of reincarnation here. The main ‘theme’ is that achieving a higher state of consciousness is available to all of us simply by virtue of the fact that as I said previously, we are all imbued with universal creative intelligence the fundamental building block, the foundation, if you will.

So, in my opinion, there is absolutely no need for ETs, Pleiadians, Bringers of the Dawn or other such entities that claim they are here to teach, guide and assist an individual’s progression toward enlightenment. In fact, I would argue that promoting the presence of such entities – even raising the concept – can lead to manipulation and denigration of the true worth of self.

I want to return to self in a moment but first I want to briefly digress albeit slightly tongue in cheek , but not without purpose. I remember reading, I think it was in Teachings from the Pleiadians, that “love is the key”. According to Wikipedia, the Beatles were asked to come up with a song containing a simple message to be understood by all nationalities. “It was an inspired song and they really wanted to give the world a message,” said Brian Epstein. “The nice thing about it is that it cannot be misinterpreted. It is a clear message saying that love is everything”. That was in 1967 and the name of the song… that’s right, you.ve guessed it “All I Need Is Love”. Does that make the Beatles highly evolved beings…Bringers of the Dawn?

May be or may be not… anyway, back to self. Self is supreme1 Self can do anything, be anything There is nothing that self cannot do. Why is this so? At the risk of repeating myself… it is so simply because self is imbued with the same creative intelligence that orchestrates the whole of the Universe. Self doesn’t need teachers, self doesn’t need guides… self has all it needs. Self is supreme… there is nothing higher in the Universe than self, nor can there be.

Unfortunately for politicians, religious leaders, marketers, advertisers and others that feel the need to manipulate others… the awesome power of self is, to say the least, a nuisance.

But wait a moment there must be a way round the self obstacle… of course, there is! All that is needed is to create a higher being, a higher cause that will persuade people to subjugate self. It’s so simple… here are a couple of examples:

  • ‘In the national interest’. How often have you heard politicians use that phrase to push through policy. I mean, who would dare to vote against something in the national interest… that would be unpatriotic. You see by creating what people will believe to be a higher cause, self is put aside.
  • Various gods are portrayed by religious leaders of all faiths as external higher beings rather than the only source of creative intelligence in the universe – creative intelligence that is already within. Once again we see that creating allegiance to, in this case supposedly higher beings, subjugates the worth of self.
  • The supposed existence of Pleiadians, ETs, even those members of the Bringers of the Dawn in fact, all those entities that profess to be or represent higher beings unwittingly serve to undermine the true value of self.

Don’t misunderstand me. I am not questioning the intent of groups such as those above. I accept that they believe they are acting in the common good.

Why are such groups so successful? Can it be they offer to take away individual responsibility for analysis and decision-making? Perhaps they offer individuals something to which they can belong – something that gives direction and purpose to their lives. After all, many of us are all too ready to blindly hand over responsibility for our physical health to third-parties such as doctors… why not just as readily hand over our mind to another third-party or cause!   Whatever the reason the strategy of creating the existence of higher beings and/or higher causes is extremely powerful.

So what can self to protect itself and progress its spiritual evolution? Self can learn to access and utilise the creative intelligence within to first develop physical health by removing physiological stress. Achieving that opens the door to enhancing one’s mental and spiritual energy fields. How does one know what to do? You need to work out how to circulate energy around the body. You discover that through experimentation always keeping in mind the fact you already have that knowledge within. It takes time, patience and courage… it’s a journey of self-discovery. It’s a journey you make alone. You don’t need assistance or guidance from ETs, Pleiadians or any such group – this is about expanding self using information and knowledge you already possess. It’s about gaining control over the universe within… concentrating, focusing and fusing your internal energies.

But there’s even more you can do. Once you have taken control of your internal energies you learn how to amplify the creative intelligence you have within. You can do that by interacting with the Earth, other planets, the sun, the stars and cosmic particles. Doing so can greatly accelerate your spiritual evolution.

I realise that I’ve spent most of this post on what may in the main be interpreted as a negative critical review of “Bringers of the Dawn” I want to end on a positive and complimentary note. There is one chapter in the book that does resonate with me. It is Chapter 20 “Sexuality – A Bridge to Higher Levels of Consciousness”. Surprisingly, given the tone of the rest of the book, it’s all about the power of self to bring about spiritual evolution. It happens to be along the lines of the path that I have chosen and down which I am making gradual progress - that of Tao esoteric yoga. However, there is really nothing new in the Chapter – the practices required form the basis of many tantric/esoteric yoga systems. But thanks anyway Barbara – you made my day! My ‘self ‘is very happy!

In the face of what I consider to be an era of rampant manipulation of society by the media and other groups and organisations – albeit many of whom perceive and fervently believe they have the common good at heart – I’ve tried to state the case for the sanctity of self. It is the most precious gift imaginable, it possesses the most awesome powers… just waiting to be accessed.  

Self is all you will ever need – protect, cherish and nurture it.

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