Leaders – Who Needs Them!

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In this post I’m going to explore the potential for a world without leaders. I’m going to argue that, whether or not it is intentional, leaders act like parasites in that they suck the life-force and value out of followers.

I’m going to suggest that a world without leaders has the potential to be a beautiful place. A place of peace and harmonious co-existence.

So let me start by defining what I mean the term leader. By leader I mean a person that is endorsed by followers to show the ‘way’ by expecting and receiving adherence to his or her particular philosophy.

As such leaders can be found in all walks of life, but I see those in religion, politics and the military as among the most disruptive of world harmony and peaceful coexistence.

All leaders are master psychologists – they know how to control minds. They use that skill to market themselves and their ‘product’ But here’s something we rarely think about… leaders are not only powerless without followers, they are meaningless too. When that happens we find they are in fact ordinary people just like you and I.

Leaders conjure up a distorted view of reality that they market to the masses. How often do you hear terms like “in the national interest”, “the gospel says”, “give yourself to a higher consciousness”, “for the public good” and so on. The message is always that there is something (intangible, of course) more important and at a higher level than the individual.

As soon as a leader can get people to believe there is something more important than self – they are like clay in a master potter’s hands – ready to be moulded. As a consequence, many offer up their way of life and sometimes even their life to some mysterious higher cause. By this point people have, in effect, stopped thinking for themselves – and, no doubt, the supreme importance of self has been lost.

Now let’s be a bit more cheerful and imagine a world without leaders. We’ll do that shortly, but first let’s put in place some pre-conditions:

1) Recognition of the supreme importance of self. In other words there is nothing higher than the individual. This can be supported by the fact the same universal creative intelligence (pure spirit, whatever you want to call it) runs through each and every one of us. – there is nothing in the universe, higher than that.

2) Recognition of the supreme importance of self allows us to think for ourselves with absolute confidence. We don’t need any external assistance to make our decisions and ‘guide’ our lives. We have all we require within and simply need to learn how to use it. 

3) Recognition that we are all equal makes it easy to treat each other with honesty and respect.

I have suggested that leaders and their followers by their very nature cause division and suspicion. In fact, they are so disruptive that, in my view, harmonious co-existence is well-nigh impossible while we have leaders.

So, if we could banish, for example, “my religion against yours”, my political party against yours”, my share against yours”, “my ideology against yours”, I suggest we would be well on the way to establishing peaceful co-existence.

In the new world we could lay down our arms, share our resources, remove the perceived need for terrorism – think of how many of the world’s troubled areas could be resolved and reborn in peace and harmony. Of course, it’s not going to happen overnight or without individual effort, but maintaining the status quo virtually insures it will never happen!

Okay, so you’re thinking we couldn’t do all that without leaders. That just shows how powerful their marketing message has been and is still. Let’s get our confidence back by repeating the premise “leaders cause division”. It is glaringly obvious that division disrupts attempts to establish harmony and peaceful coexistence on a world scale.  

Wondering how to get rid of leaders? It couldn’t be more simple – simply stop following and start thinking!

Power and harmony comes from within not from some external source intent on sucking out your life force and stealing your value. No-one has the right to steal your ’self’ so don’t be blinded by promises and hollow words. Nor be impressed by appearance.  The reality is that leaders serve their own ends and you unwittingly help them achieve their goals. What a waste of your life-force and your value! 

So unhook yourself from leaders and start thinking for yourself. Okay, it sounds a little bit scary, but you may be amazed at the change it can make in your world.

If you’re thinking “what difference can little old me make” let me say that “lots of little old mes” can soon reach a tipping point at which previously unimaginable events can happen.

As always, don’t simply accept what I write. Think about it for yourself and reach your own conclusions – after all that’s why I wrote this post.

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