Is Your God Inside Or Out?

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I felt the urge to start with the theme of a popular TV advertisement and say “my god isn’t like your god” – so I have!

You see, my god is inside not outside. If your god is outside you’ll probably, and quite rightly, want to dismiss the following discussion – I’m certainly not out to change anyone’s belief. – it’s none of my business.

Anyway, let me get started on describing my reality…
In my reality there is nothing of higher worth than the individual – the self, if you like. There is no external being, purpose or calling, whether real or abstract, to which an individual owes allegiance.  

By real I mean leaders – whether they be religious, military, government or whatever. By abstract I mean terms such as “national interest”, “society expects” and so on.

So how did I arrive at my reality?
Everything in the Universe vibrates with energy. It is variously called universal energy, pure spirit, the force…whatever, it doesn’t really matter what it is called. I call it creative intelligence.

Since it runs through the human body we can influence the frequency of vibration using our thoughts, for example. I don’t see god as some figure sitting on a very high cloud and watching what we are up to… someone to whom we can direct our problems and requests and wait for an answer.

Personally, I think there’s a real danger in having an ‘external god’. Here I’m using ’external god’ to embrace both the potential real and abstract influences to which I previously referred  

My concern is that allegiance to an external god can take away control and in effect hand it to some external authority. Further, I believe it has the potential to remove responsibility and accountability for our actions.

As I’ve said, for me there is nothing, absolutely nothing, higher than the individual – the self. That is where my share, if you like, of universal intelligence is stored and it’s up to me to learn how to work with that – not hand that task or power to some third-party.

Now this might seem conspiratorial, but I suspect that getting people to give themselves to something they perceive to be of higher worth may cause them to stop questioning and restrict their thinking - and so expose them to manipulation.

So I see the power lies within – it’s the same power that runs through everything in the Universe, only the frequency of vibration is different in say me, a chair a tree whatever. You can change the frequency of vibration with your thoughts thereby creating or manifesting things and events in your life. It can also be used negatively to destroy.

The Secret and the Law of Attraction took the concept and unfortunately made it seem so simple…. affirm and it will be delivered. Oh no it won’t as I’m sure thousands upon thousands of people have discovered.

 Like most worthwhile things in life working with the power takes effort and persistent action to effect the necessary vibrational frequency to manifest a particular desire. 

Well, there you are. That’s just my reality. You create your own. If your god is external that’s fine.

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