If You Want To Get Healthy – Circulate!

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About a week ago I experienced nausea, loss of balance and hot ‘flushes’ – all in the pursuit of health!  But it’s not bad news at all. You see there’s a particular practice in which such symptoms are a sign of progress.

Let me explain by way of describing my personal experiences in circulating energy around my body. For several years I have been able to circulate energy using what is commonly called the Microcosmic Orbit (MCO).

Okay, so what energy am I talking about? Well, the body has many different types of energy fields flowing through it but the one used in the MCO is that released from sperm/ovary. It is difficult to describe because it is invisible but it can be felt. In fact, it can be readily sensed by the tip of the tongue where it feels like a small electric shock – which is not surprising since it is an electromagnetic force.

Right, so we are talking about circulating an electromagnetic force released from the sperm/ovary. So, shouldn’t this valuable life-force circulate naturally? The answer is yes, it should but in most of us it doesn’t. It has been observed that babies often place the tip of their tongue to the roof of their mouth which is a good indicator that they are circulating energy around their body. Sadly as we ‘grow up’ we progressively lose that ability.

So how do we relearn how to circulate the life-force? As I mentioned one method is to use the MCO. The MCO is a simple relaxation technique that draws energy released from sperm/ovary up the spine to the head and back down the front of the body. Since the body knows which organs/glands require repair they will automatically receive extra attention.

It is not my purpose here to describe how to perform the MCO but rather to describe some of my experiences in, as I believe, I moved from MCO level 1 to MCO level 2 (my terminology).

As I said previously, I have practiced the MCO (just front and back routes) for some time but never got beyond that to opening other routes. Other routes include those from the feet, ankles and inside lower part of the legs.

So what happened the other day was somewhat of a surprise and, to be frank, scary. To put it in context I have a longstanding interest in men’s health (particularly sexual health) and had been practicing some techniques when I was overwhelmed by a surge of heat – a major ‘hot flush’ racing through my body. It was accompanied by a sudden feeling of nausea and a disturbance to my balance. No pain at all just a tingling sensation and a feeling of energy rushing through me. 

I felt it particularly in my feet, legs, face and hands and it’s still present but to a lesser degree. Having said that, as I write this I am conscious of the tingling in my hands, legs, feet and slightly in my face. There are times when my hands, for example, feel very warm even in the night.

I have to admit I was frightened at the time and had a physical check-up which was okay. So there you have it – let me know your thoughts, particularly if you are on a similar journey. If you are not, maybe you should ask yourself why not!

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