I Wish I’d Stayed At School… Now I’ll Go GaGa!!

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Now there’s a brain reserve
No doubt you’ve heard about nature reserves…  well, now there’s a brain reserve. So before you start imagining a pack of brains roaming around in the wild it’s probably a good idea to explore what is a brain reserve

So what’s a brain reserve?
Well, basically, the more cells you have in your brain and the more connections you have between those cells and the stronger those connections the better able is your brain to slow down brain aging. You simply have more options for processing information So, for example, if one channel becomes faulty there may be alternative paths that can be used. In extreme circumstances if a major part of a particular brain function has been lost it is possible that the brain can replicate it using a different network than the original.

If a brain reserve sounds to you very much like having a bank account and putting in regular savings for a rainy day… you’ve got it in one!

Okay, but what’s it got to do with education?
Recently, there’s been a flurry of research investigating an apparent relationship between years of education and building up a ‘brain reserve’.

In clinical trials it’s always handy to have one of the factors (that you think might have an important influence) able to be measured objectively. That means measured with little or no guesswork. Years of education fits the bill and is used as a measure of brain reserve. There have been a number of studies that suggest that greater education means better brain reserve.

What does that imply for those of us that left school early?
Does it mean that it’s too late, that there’s nothing we can do and that we’ll most likely end up gaga?

Of course, not! Do you seriously think that nature is that stupid? As I‘ve said on past occasions, methods for keeping the brain healthy and alert are free and available to everyone so how could it depend on having education , money or anything like that. If it did then most of the world’s population could well end up gaga.

How can I be so confident?
Because the brain already knows how keep itself fit and vital for life if only we give it a chance. All it asks is that you create the conditions for it to help itself and that’s pretty simple to do.

Still doubtful…?
Well, the intelligence stored in your body’s cells created you in nine months all on its own – do you really think that awesome power simply vanished the moment you were born

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