How Do You Want Your Brain – Fried Or Scrambled? Part 2 of 2

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Part 2 of 2: Scrambled Brain

In a previous post I talked about one of the roles of the Hippocampus. If you recall I said the hippocampus resides inside the temporal lobes of the brain and in conjunction with the parietal lobes it plays a key role in spatial orientation. Then we looked at what was meant by that term

At the bottom line, if your spatial orientation is poor you’re more likely to get lost. Your sense of direction becomes faulty. Let’s try to illustrate what we’re talking about with simple example.

Forming a brain map
Suppose you close your eyes or go into a darkened room (with which you are familiar) do you crash into one thing after another. Whether you do or not depends how well your spatial memory is functioning

In order to know where items are located in the room you have to recall what’s in the room, where they are in relation to each other and where they are in relation to the door through which you enter the room. Wow! As we’ve discussed previously the parietal lobes (particularly the right lobe) and the hippocampus play keys roles in forming and storing the map of the room in your brain.

Not just for home
The need to create a map in your brain isn’t just confined to navigating around your home. Once you go out into the big wide world the need is even more important or you could find yourself getting lost.

So, if damage occurs to the areas of your brain involved in spatial memory through say reduced blood flow, excessive alcohol, drugs and so on you may well end up confused and disorientated. And it would fair to say – your brain is Scrambled!

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