How Do You Want Your Brain – Fried Or Scrambled? Part 1 of 2

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                                   Part 1 of 2:  Fried Brain
Have I got something for you!
Here’s a really cute little device – it’s in a bright colour and has all sorts of things to keep you amused. All you need do is hold to your head, keep it charged up and you can use it for hours Wouldn’t that be great?

But there’s more…
You see, it gives off radiation that you can use to keep your brain warm. How do you feel about that?

Have you guessed what it is? It’s a cell phone. Shucks, just about everyone got it right and I thought it was going to be a surprise!

Keeping the brain warm sounds great
Oh dear, this is where I’m going to be a party pooper. But I have to tell you there’s a possibility that cell phone radiation may damage your brain, even cause brain tumours!

There is some evidence that use of cell phones over a number of years significantly increases the chance of developing brain cancer. And teenagers who constantly use cell phones are believed to be particularly vulnerable.

There is all sorts of conflicting evidence floating around – some supporting the brain cancer theory, others dismissing it.

So what do I think?
As an observation it seems that most cancers don’t just pop up overnight- like a cold or the flu might. Cancers are the manifestations often of years of body imbalance.

What I’m trying to say is that cancers can be many years in the making and don’t appear until a critical point is reached. It’s a bit like a thunderstorm – all the ingredients can be present for several hours or days before they reach a critical point at which the atmosphere effectively says “I’ve had enough” and bang off it goes.

There’s always been radiation naturally occurring in our environment. Once upon a time long ago there was a natural balance between the body’s energy field and that of the universe. But no longer!

We have discovered electricity and send it through wires to as many destinations as possible. We have microwave ovens, blenders, juicers and so on – in fact anything that uses electricity gives off electromagnetic radiation.

Why the big deal!
With us already being bombarded by natural and man-made radiation what’s the big deal with cell phones? That’s a good question.

While  the radiation emitted by cell phones may not be of the same ‘make-up’ (relative strength of its electrical/magnetic components) it is the only device that is held in close proximity to the brain for a prolonged period.

 Items like hairdryers and electric shavers pose a lesser threat since although they are also used close to the brain but only for limited periods at a time. Having said that I personally wouldn’t use them.

When assessing potential for the development of cancers you have to continually bear in mind that the effects of abuse are cumulative – that is, they build up over time. We don’t have are sufficiently long period of data upon which to categorically state that cell phones are safe.

If there’s no significant increase in the number of brain tumours (traced to cell phone use) by 2030 I’ll accept that cell phones are safe.

Where to now
In the mean time…
1) I suggest you purchase phones that have been certified to have only low emissions (make sure that applies to both electrical and magnetic radiation levels)
2) Limit your use as much as possible
3) Keep the phone as far from your head as practicable
4) Don’t carry your phone next to soft tissue – like kidneys, for example.
5) Switch phone off unless you really need it on. Realise that whenever your phone is switched on even if you’re not using it – it will still emit radiation because it’s  actively searching for incoming signals
6) Providing cell phones to young children is in my view tempting fate – so don’t do it unless you have an absolutely compelling reason.

In Part 2 of this post we’ll select another dish from the menu and try Scrambled Brain!

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