Intuition: Power-Thinking For The 21st Century

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If we make decisions by analysing and processing sounds, sights and other sensory input such as touch does that mean someone without those faculties cannot make decisions?

I believe the answer is no. Nature isn’t that stupid – so there has to be another way that decisions can be made without sensory input.

And in my view there is. To support my position I want to call on the findings of quantum physics and in particular the existence of the “unified field”. The “unified field” can be described as the field of universal intelligence running through all mind and matter and responsible for order throughout the cosmos.

The questions is can we directly access the universal intelligence? Since it’s already a part of us, the answer is yes.

Let’s explore that a little further…

You are able to watch television programs because your set converts signals into a form that your brain can interpret as sound and vision. These signals come from outside the brain and are available to us through our sensory faculties.

But the universe is full of energy fields so it doesn’t seem unreasonable to expect that we can access other input that lies outside the somewhat limited ability of our sensory organs.

So if the universal intelligence is part of us then we should be able to utilise that in decision-making. Maybe we already do when we use our “intuition” or “gut-feeling” to make decisions.  Somehow we seem to know without engaging consciously in thought.

Some might argue the intuition is an evolutionary trait from prehistoric times, when we needed to assess and respond rapidly to situations of potential danger. Maybe there’s some merit in that but I’m inclined to think that intuitive decision-making comes directly from interaction with the universal intelligence we store – that is the source of all knowing.

But can we do better than that… yes we can! I believe we can increase the size of our store of universal intelligence by directly ‘opening’ up our brain by stimulating the pineal gland.  It is only recently that the functions of the pineal gland have been identified and explored and then only at what I would call the ‘physical level’ – by that I mean what chemicals does it release, when is it most active and so on.

The Pineal Gland is about the size of a pea, and is in the centre of the brain above and behind the pituitary gland and more or less directly behind the eyes. When it is stimulated my experience has been that of a throbbing sensation behind the centre of my forehead and sometimes at the top of my skull. I believe the latter location is the more powerful ‘route’ to accessing the ‘external’ intelligence field (as opposed to the internal store) and results in more meaningful decisions.

The significance of the process is that a decision could be made without the need to receive and consciously interpret sensory input. In my view this is true intuition at work!

The view that such a process only works because it relies on innate or habitual practices carried forward from pre-historic times flies in the face of ‘the unified field” theory that everything in the universe is one.

My original question was… could a person derived of sensory input make decisions?

I am convinced the answer is Yes! What do you think?

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