Beat Belly Bulge, Build Brain – No Sweat!

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Imagine if you could beat belly bulge and build your brain at the same time simply by changing something you already do. Sounds pretty good eh! 

But wait on it gets even better because there’s virtually no effort involved. That’s right… there’s no pumping iron… no gym workouts… no pounding the pavements at 5am or anything like that.

In fact, it’s so gentle and so natural you most likely won’t realise you are doing it.

Okay, so you’re thinking this sounds like one of those “too good to be true” programs and I don’t blame you for it does seem like magic. But, it’s not too good to be true… it is TRUE!

And would you believe it won’t cost you a single cent! No pills to buy, no supplements to get, no gym fees… absolutely nothing to pay!

Have you guessed the secret exercise yet? No, well here’s a clue – “you once knew how to this perfectly”.

Still struggling? The secret is re-learning how to breathe. Don’t you dare say… Oh that!

You need to breathe using your abdomen. If you are not sure how to do that properly I have described the practice in detail in the WOW Exercise that you can get for free on this blog.

Why and how does it work?
Brain Building
One important thing the exercise does is to reduce stress. While stress is required in survival situations, ongoing stress is very damaging to the brain. Reducing stress may also lessen the inclination to eat more when we feel under pressure.

Another important aspect of the exercise is that it slows down the breathing rate. Slowing the breathing rate stimulates the activity of certain glands in the brain, in particular, the pituitary and pineal glands that play a role in the release and balance of hormones in the bloodstream.

Belly Bulge
During the exercise you may feel gentle movement of the abdominal muscles, your upper chest and shoulder muscles. At the end of the session those areas in particular will feel quite firm (assuming you have done the exercise properly).

Once you have established the abdominal breathing pattern in the exercise session it’s time to carry it over to your everyday life. What I mean is that you replace the old chest breathing regime with the new abdominal breathing pattern – so that it becomes the natural way you breathe.

Not only will that pattern help you to control stress, it will exercise your abs 24/7. In fact, you will be exercising your abdominals over 10,000 times a day and you won’t even notice you are doing it!

So go to it… beat belly bulge and build your brain. Frankly, it doesn’t get much easier!

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7 Responses to “Beat Belly Bulge, Build Brain – No Sweat!”

  1. Xavier Gervasi Says:

    First off excellent blog. Im unsure if it has been talked about, but when using Safari I can never get the whole webpage to load without refreshing alot of times. Could just be my CPU. Thanks

  2. michael Says:

    Hi Xavier,
    Thanks for your comment on the blog, if you get the opportunity to tell your friends about it that would be great.
    Re- your problem with download via Safari I checked with another Mac user and it didn’t seem to be a problem, so I’m not sure what to suggest.
    Cheers Michael

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  5. Maurice McDonald Says:

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  6. macgng Says:

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