Are You Too Stupid To Be Trusted?

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While there is much focus, and rightly so, on the efforts of various governments to control the flow of information on the Internet there are other and perhaps more sneaky restrictions on your freedom to choose that are often overlooked.

In most cases these restrictions are what the community think they want or have, at least, nodded their collective heads in support. For want of something better I will call these laws community laws”. I do that to distinguish them from important laws such as those that provide punishment for serious crimes such as murder, rape and armed robbery.

However, don’t let the gentle-sounding title “community laws” deceive you. Collectively, these laws represent significant restrictions on your personal freedom – on your right to choose.

Interestingly, no maybe I should say sadly, what the community have nodded their agreement to is an indictment of their intelligence.

What do I mean by that? Well, the foundations of ‘community laws” are built on the perception (and reality?) that people have no sense of responsibility and are incapable of making rational objective decisions for themselves.

Let me give you some examples of what I believe constitute restrictive “community laws”:
* If you are a cyclist it is an offence not to wear a safety helmet when riding your bike.
* It is an offence not to wear a seat-belt when driving a car
* It is illegal to take drugs
* It is an offence to smoke in your car when transporting children
* It is against the law to publicly say what you think
* It is illegal to publish certain types of information…  and so on.

If you give such laws some thought you may struggling to reason out why they exist. They are sort of ‘but what if’ laws. For example, if I say what I think someone might be upset! Or maybe if I take drugs I’ll get on a high and attack someone. Why then isn’t it an offence to drink alcohol? Can you see the point I’m trying to make – in someone’s opinion we can’t be trusted to make sensible decisions.

Here’s a question for you – do you recall actually being asked your opinion on any laws such as those listed above, for example?  

Just to make my position clear I am not saying that I support or reject any of these laws. I simply using them to illustrate how much such laws collectively can compromise your personal freedom. Whereas proper laws are often subject to lively public debate, “community laws” are often passed at some late night sitting of parliament or some obscure council meeting that very few even knew was being held.

Sadly, most in the community will nod in support of such restrictions on the right to choose believing that they (restrictions) provide comfort and safety. When in reality their existence endorses the belief by power-makers that we are so stupid that we can’t think for ourselves and are ripe for manipulation. When I use the term power-brokers I include not just big-time wheelers and dealers. but any ego-driven person, including the so-called ‘do-gooders’, that has some ‘bee-in-their-bonnet’… some barrow to push

Makes you think doesn’t it? No! Oh dear… maybe the power-brokers are right.

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