Using Your Nose To Turn Negatives Into Positives!

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Negatives can be positives and, no, I’m not about to announce an astounding new breakthrough in psychotherapy. Instead, it’s high-fives time for your nose!

Now you might or might not like the shape of your nose but I suggest you look after it. Why? Because it’s not only a gateway to your brain it provides a means to revitalise your whole being! Your nose knows – sorry, I was determined to put that in somewhere.

Okay, let’s get back to negatives and positives. By now you’ve probably guessed I’m not talking about thoughts but rather about negative and positive ions.

So what is an ion?
It sounds like something you use to get creases out of clothes… but it’s not. For our purposes ions are fragments of air that carry positive or negative electrical charges. Negative ions are very active tiny fragments that carry a negative charge. Positive ions are comparatively larger and less active and carry a positive charge – they tend to be associated with dust, toxic gases and other air pollutants. Worse still, positive ions can neutralise negative ions in the air and rob it of vitality.

Where do ions come from?
Air is naturally ionised by the action of electro-magnetic radiation from the sun and other cosmic rays that give energy to the air fragments. Ionisation also results from the movement of water like that of a waterfall and from wind-flow in wide open spaces.

Picture yourself on a high mountain, wind blowing, mountain streams rushing by… I bet you’re feeling energised just thinking about it. And so you would be – closer to solar and cosmic radiation imparting vitality to the air plus the additional ionising effects of the wind and water movement…Wow!

How do we take in the revitalising properties of negative ions?  Breathing can enhance the body’s supply of vital life-giving energy by extracting negative ions from the air. But for most benefit it needs to be a certain style of breathing and conducted to the extent possible in unpolluted air so that the presence of positive ions is minimised.

But there are more benefits to be had…
Correct breathing not only replenishes the body’s store of vital energy but also distributes it to the body’s organs, glands and tissues, stimulates hormone secretions and builds immunity.

Back to the nose and ‘correct’ breathing
The tissues in the nose cavities and sinuses can directly absorb negative ions  So you should relearn how to breathe correctly. Inhalation should be through the nose and exhalation through the mouth.

If you don’t already breathe that way it shouldn’t take long to retrain yourself to grab all the vital energy and healing benefits that clean air provides.

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