Prevention Is A ‘Dirty’ Word

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Given the potentially crippling expense of extending the lives of aging baby boomers and seniors with drugs and technology, it may seem self-evident that preventing the onset of illness may provide an effective way to save millions of dollars in costs and cut waiting lists.

No money for prevention
Yet patterns of healthcare expenditure in the OECD countries show overwhelming preference for healthcare strategies in which, on average, ninety-seven cents in the health dollar is spent on treatment and just three cents on prevention.

You asked for it!
I know it sounds almost unbelievable but people seem to feel more confident and comfortable knowing there’s some sort of ‘cure’ for their illness than about preventing it occurring in the first place. It’s fair to say society is not particularly interested in prevention, instead, it’s hooked on treatment – and their governments respond accordingly.

Stop playing their game
There are a number of reasons why people have turned their back on prevention and topping the list is society’s mindset. There is little doubt many people have been conditioned at a subconscious level by healthcare marketers, health authorities and their own observations to accept ill-health and aging as a normal part of living so that the concept of taking control of one’s health and actually preventing the onset of illness is, for many, very difficult to entertain.

The way by which prevention has been promoted has also contributed to the community’s attitude. Prevention has been presented either as strenuous gym workouts, jogging and diets; as a costly regime of vitamins, hormones, sexual stimulants or, in some instances, as ancient wisdom. Faced with those sorts of options it is hardly surprising people feel little enthusiasm.

Where do we go from here?
Well, as the populations in industrialised nations age, two things are clear – the number of people working and therefore paying taxes to support healthcare systems will decrease and the number requiring treatment will increase.

With that reality and the almost certain continuation of the upward spiral in the price of treatment, the value of extending the life of a relatively few individuals ‘at all costs’ will have to be assessed against the potential benefits of funding large-scale public awareness and prevention programs.

One obvious solution
Is to reduce demand for treatment by stopping or at least delaying the onset of illness. To do that requires a new approach to prevention, one that is so enjoyable people embrace it enthusiastically – it’s what they want to do.

Few people know that we all have the potential for lifetime good health. Even fewer realise that the body’s cells hold all the information needed to ensure we feel mentally alert, vital, sexy and really alive whatever our age.

All we need do is tap into the knowledge and there are many very pleasurable ways people can do that thereby removing the need to resort to drugs, hormones, stimulants, strict diets, endless jogging, strenuous gym workouts or other unnatural practices that are commonly promoted as a panacea.

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