Oh Dear… I Said The Wrong Thing!

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At the end of an earlier post “More S-X Please – It’s A No-Brainer” I indicated that I would take a look at some of the neurochemicals that are released as a result of circulating sexual energy around the body.

I had in mind discussing the role played in memory formation and learning by neurochemicals, such as serotonin, vasopressin,  dopamine and others… but you know what – it doesn’t really matter!.

But it’s worse than that because to have done so would have undermined my health philosophy.

Why? Well, as you’ll be aware if you’ve been reading my posts, the whole of my approach to brain health… in fact, to health in general, is based on the fact that the body’s cells hold all the knowledge, resources and know-how to keep the brain (and body) fit and alert for life.

Still doubting? Take a moment to think about your creation. Were you involved…? Was anybody else involved (after conception)…? The answer to both questions is a resounding NO! Unaided your cells knew exactly what their function was, how to perform it and how to do so in cooperation with billions of other cells. Wow!

The awesome process of your creation was one of exquisite timing, of minute quantities, of knowing where to be and what to do at precisely the right time, of unbelievable precision and accuracy… quite frankly, words fail me when it comes to describing the sheer magnitude and complexity of the task involved – yet it took just 9 months. And your cells did it all on their own!

So my question is… do you seriously believe all that cellular intelligence just disappears upon your birth?

If so, shouldn’t there be some form of hard-copy printout to which we can refer in the event that something breaks down! Well, as you know, there isn’t.

Fortunately, nature isn’t that stupid… in fact, it’s not stupid at all – it’s absolutely brilliant! And, of course, that intelligence remains. It is passed from one generation of cells to the next although there can be some corruption of the code – the level of which depends to some extent on how we’ve treated our cells.

So, as you’d expect, nature (a term I use in the sense of a universal intelligence present in our cells –an innate intelligence that everyone possesses) has made brain health simple. All we need to do is to identify the conditions that allow the brain to function at optimum performance, provide those conditions and let the body do what it is so brilliantly designed to do.

I have previously argued that there are four key processes we need to restore and maintain – controlled breathing, sexual energy circulation, movement and curiosity. Add in a good serve of commonsense and that’s it.

The cells will sort everything out without you having to concern yourself with the existence and ins and outs of neurochemicals, neurons, synapses or any stuff like that.   

Sounds simple… it is! That’s the way it’s meant to be – free and accessible to everyone

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