How STUPID Can We Get!!

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THINK  ABOUT THIS:  The intelligence stored in your body cells is the same intelligence that created you in nine months! It did that marvellous, incredible act without any assistance at all.

Of course, once we are born we immediately let all sorts of people experiment with us – as if they somehow are a pool of knowledge and intelligence greater than that which created us.

Do you really think your innate intelligence simply disappeared the day you were born? Do you seriously believe nature could be that stupid!! 

Of course it isn’t. Your cells still retain a level of intelligence and knowledge that makes Einstein seem like an absolute dunce? As each of your cells is replaced by sub-division the precious information is passed to the next generation of cells. WHY?

If you’re thinking that perhaps it’s retained in order to repair and maintain your body for 100 or 120 years.. congratulations, you’ve got it in one! 

Of course, in practice we don’t actually believe that. Instead we rush off to seek the opinion and advice of no doubt well-meaning people who we feel actually know more about our body than the awesome intelligence that created it.

How STUPID can we get!!

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