How do we know the body can heal itself?

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I imagine most of us have, at some time or other, allowed an illness to run its course rather than resorting to a visit to the doctor. Certainly in that course of action it may take longer for the symptoms to subside but the illness is, more often than not, conquered.

So what does that tell us?
It says that the body knows how to heal itself without intervention. It has called into play the immune system’s defences. It knows inherently how to organize and program very complex healing processes to perfection. In short, the body is much smarter than we are, much smarter too than any doctor.

Hands-off !
When we start interfering, for example, by taking medical drugs the body sees these as poisons and has to direct some of its healing effort to dealing with the ‘invaders’ and that delays healing and may, in fact, give rise to other illnesses. In other words ‘curing’ one illness not only confuses the immune system but also can foster the development of another illness. Compare this outcome with the body’s natural approach using its immune system to deal with the invaders. That process gives the immune system a ‘workout’, has no negative side-effects and strengthens its defence should the invader try another attack in the future.

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