Have You Met A Physics?

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Okay, so it’s a dreadful title… but I just couldn’t resist it! As you’ve probably worked out this post is about Metaphysics and its application in everyday life. Please don’t jump to the conclusion that it means a whole lot of spiritual stuff. It doesn’t!

Metaphysics opens up a whole new way of thinking and reveals the extent of the control you actually have over the reality you create for yourself. It’s both exciting and frightening because it puts you in control of your life… which some might find scary!

So let’s start with a working definition of Metaphysics. It’s a philosophy (a set of ideas and beliefs) that seek to go beyond nature (the physical world as we perceive it) and to discover the true nature of things (what lies beyond what we perceive) and the reason for their existence.

I’m not talking about some form of witchcraft rather metaphysical thinking is “thinking outside the box” in the sense that it encourages you to view things from a different perspective.

It opens the way to “what if” questions and innovative solutions. For example, suppose I observe a stone. I might think now that’s a nice stone… good shape, attractive colour – and that’s about it! But if, for example, I assume the stone and I are connected to one another in some way or other then I can create “what if” scenarios.

And you know what… the stone you are observing and you are connected!

Please bear with me while we dip into a spot of quantum physics to validate that statement. The universe is a vast field of energy which in other posts I have referred to as universal creative intelligence. The energy field pervades everything in the universe so everything is connected – which no doubt gave rise to the expression “we are all one”.  

For us, the universal energy field can be considered full of potential possibilities in the sense that we can interact and influence it. How do we do that?

Well, through our mind since our thoughts are energy too. Every single thought can influence the universal energy field and cause it to reorganise into an observable thing or event. Things we observe are the product of the mind causing particles of energy to come together to form something we observe as a physical thing. However, we are not confined to manifesting just physical things we can manifest thing like emotions and physiological changes too.

In short we can and do create our own reality. What power we have available… it’s a bit scary!

By using metaphysical thinking we seek to open the door to using some of that power in our everyday life.

Metaphysics in Action…
Metaphysics can lead to better results in any area of life you choose because, as we have discussed, it provides a different perspective (a higher level of awareness) or insight into situations and events. Each situation, event or happening you experience exists because you created it – it is not something that is separate from you, you chose to give it form and meaning. No doubt you’ve heard of the phrase “cause and effect” without perhaps realising how significant it is in your life.

Here are a few metaphysical principles with which to work…

1. Because you are part of the universal creative intelligence field you should go beyond the limitations of your mind that have been set by society, the education system, your own prior thoughts and experiences and not accept limitations in terms of your own thinking and abilities

2. You know you created the situation so learn to take responsibility for it, don’t practice excusing yourself or blaming someone else.

3. You know you can influence the universal energy field so if you want to achieve something, don’t give up easily and put energy and enthusiasm in to whatever you are doing. Set a path and stick to it.

3. Go beyond the situation. You manifest every situation so even if it’s an unpleasant one accept it with thanks seeing it as an opportunity to learn and grow – work out how you can do that

4. Remember, your thoughts have power and will manifest so use them wisely otherwise you might end up with a situation you didn’t want. Cause and effect at work.

5. Respond don’t react.

6. Be honest to yourself.

Well, what do you think…
Do you feel you might look at yourself and the situations and events you experience from a new perspective?
Do you feel more powerful knowing you are part of the universal creative energy field and that you can interact and influence it for better or for worse?

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