Fire Your Brain On All Cylinders!

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To many of us the thought of becoming mentally incompetent is more frightening than the thought of physical disease. In fact, in an extensive 2005 survey, 7 out of every 10 adults when asked what they feared most about ageing cited losing their memory. 

The idea of losing your memory, your ability to reason coherently and to express your feelings and emotions and even the sense of who you are is terrifying.

But it doesn’t end there…. the progressive loss of one’s mental abilities means being increasingly dependent on the goodwill and patience of others.

Soare we all destined to experience increasing difficulty in thinking, learning and remembering… more confusion and ultimately loss of our independence and our personality?

 The answer is a definitive NO and here’s the reason why you can be confident…

Recent brain research has shown that if you act to improve the condition of your brain cells and strengthen the connections between them, you can greatly reduce the chance of mental decline occurring or, if it has started, you can work to slow its progress… perhaps even reverse it!

What’s more… If we do nothing to protect them, at the age 30 years or so, our brain cells and the connections between them start dying off, which means you’re really never too young to start preventive action.



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