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In my previous post I introduced the concept of DIY brain health. I made the somewhat  ‘stunning’ statement that when it comes to taking care of your brain – you are the expert. How can I be so confident in making that claim? Well, simply because I know you already have all the resources and knowledge you need to keep your brain fit and healthy. In a later post we’ll look at the reasons why.

For now think about this for a second:  Currently the most popular ways that claim to protect and improve the brain are computer brain games, brain foods, smart pills, prescription drugs and getting specialist advice. What do they all have in common? They all cost money and require getting access to information so one knows what’s available.

But hey, wait on a minute… many, if not most, people in the world have little or no money and certainly can’t afford a computer, expensive supplements or specialist visits. Nor do they have access to information that might guide them.

So under the current brain health prescription only those with financial and information resources can expect to keep their brain fit and healthy… the rest of us have to rely on lady luck

But do you really think that nature is that STUPID… of course it isn’t! So there must be a way that ordinary people can use to take care of their brain and it has to be FREE and EQUALLY ACCESSIBLE to EVERYONE. And. as you’ll discover…  THERE IS!

And no, I haven’t forgotten I promised to describe a simple exercise that I use and which puts me in contact with my brain. You’ll find it posted in the “Hello Brain” category

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