Become Your Own Brain Health Specialist Part 4

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In the next two posts I want to take a close look at four processes the optimum performance of which I believe is absolutely vital to the proper functioning of all the body’s cells..  

Further, I believe that either prior to birth or as babies or both we knew these processes and how to use them to optimize their health benefits. Unfortunately, we have allowed these key systems to deteriorate, albeit unwittingly, and that by restoring them we interact with the cells and encourage them to raise their efficiency. This in turn rejuvenates all of the body’s major organs and glands including the brain.
Key 1: Sexual Energy
At birth we carry charges of the various bioelectric energies that circulated through us in the womb. Importantly, we know how to circulate these energies through our body by maintaining open channels in which they can flow freely with minimum loss.

Unfortunately, although at an early age we discover the pleasure sexual energy can bring and know innately its remarkable healing power, we soon adopt practices that constrict its flow and squander its power. Practices that inevitably lead to deterioration in health and sexual performance.       

I take the position that the sex organs are the foundation stone of the body’s network of glands. If they are not functioning optimally, the performance of other glands is compromised.

I support this position with the contention that it is not by chance that a major circuit for the flow of sexual energy follows a path up the spine from the genitals to the brain. Nor do I believe it is by chance that the brain, through the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, is responsible for monitoring and controlling the bloodstream levels of key hormones and various bio-chemicals secreted by other glands which are vital to one’s health and wellbeing.

So while there are many different bioelectric energy fields in the body it is the sexual energy circuit associated with the male and female sex organs and its link with the brain that is of most value in seeking to take back control over one’s mental health.

Key 2: Movement
In animals the nervous system (origin of brain) came into existence some half billion years ago and its early evolution was largely related to the need for movement to catch food for survival.

Human sperm move to fertilize the ovum and a foetus first begins movement at around 7 to 9 weeks. One might reasonably conclude it knows instinctively (pre-historic programming –if you like) that movement is essential for its survival. But the importance of movement goes further in that it provides a wealth of new experiences to the brain which lead to its growth.

Exercise (movement) needs to be restored as a natural part of everyday life  There is further discussion in a later section on the important contribution exercise can make to keeping your brain fit

In the next post I’ll look at the two remaining keys

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