Become Your Very Own Brain Health Specialist – Part 3

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What if you could take control of brain aging… slow it down so you could protect your earning power and enjoy the lifestyle you want for as long as you want… wouldn’t that be great? Well, you can! 

In my previous post I introduced the brain/old house analogy as a means to illustrate that  we must provide conditions that foster healthy neurons, create new neurons and increase and strengthen the connections between neurons.

Today’s Post
 In today’s post I’ll explain how the brain is much smarter than the old house and together we’ll continue down the path to becoming your very own brain health specialist

Now here’s the really exciting part…
In response to changing situations the brain will go ahead and create new and/or strengthen light globes (neurons), wiring (dendrites/axon) and switches (synapses) because it already knows exactly how to do that using its cellular intelligence.

In short, the brain modifies itself  through changing of the strength of the connections between neurons, by adding or removing connections, or by adding new cells as a result of new experiences particularly those associated with learning, change and challenge.

The remarkable ability of the brain to ’automatically’ adapt itself to new situations and to grow is called neuroplasticity. This truly remarkable ability is available to us throughout life and means that maintaining a healthy brain throughout life is a realistic and achievable goal. 

It’s time to tie some of this together.
When we review the discussion so far we can start to draw some inferences about what might be needed in order to keep messages flowing to and from our brain without being corrupted and support the brain adapt to new situations.

It’s reasonable to say that:

  • The number of neurons in the brain is important
  • The number and quality of connections each neuron makes with its neighbour is important.
  • The health or condition of the neurons is important (they need to be in good condition to ‘fire’ properly).

 So, at the bottom-line all we need do is create the conditions for the brain to use its cellular intelligence to foster and maintain brain health. – that is, focus is on providing favourable situations and allowing the brain to do its own thing  

It should be an intuitive hands-off process in the sense that we are not ‘directing’ the brain to do anything simply providing the ‘environment’ for it to do what it already knows how to do.  That way you gain access to, and so benefit from, healing mechanisms the potency of which far surpasses anything available or EVER likely to be available in mainstream medicine. 

Four key processes 
There are four processes the optimum performance of which I believe is absolutely vital to the proper functioning of all the body’s cells including, and inparticular,  neurons.  

Further, I believe that either prior to birth or as babies or both we knew these processes and how to use them to optimize their health benefits. Unfortunately, we have allowed these key systems to deteriorate, albeit unwittingly, and that by restoring them we interact with the cells and encourage them to raise their efficiency. This in turn rejuvenates all of the body’s major organs and glands including the brain.

This is a really exciting approach to brain health and your health in general because it means that simply by tapping into your awesome healing power you can become your own health specialist and restore and maintain your health whatever your age without any special training and without spending a single cent

Next Post
In my next post we’ll identify the four systems the restoration of which, as I’ve indicated, are absolutely vital keeping your brain fit and young for life.

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