Are You Stopping Yourself Being Healthy? – Most People Are! (Part 3 of 3)

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In this post I’ll look at how we can develop at strategy to re-program the subconscious mind… don’t be concerned there’s no voodoo or magic spells involved, just a practical suggestion you can adopt or not.

Where are we at?
Well, we have reached the conclusion (or least some of us have) that we need a strategy that can help us escape from the ‘health insanity’ trap by ‘automatically’ changing our thinking and the way we do things – so we can take control of our health.

As you can no doubt imagine, the conditioning we receive can be an extremely powerful block to achieving lifetime health. No matter what we try at the conscious level to do for our health, buried away in our subconscious is the ‘fact’ (as far as our mind is concerned) that sooner or later, aging and deteriorating health will catch up with us.

The obvious solution
Is to reprogram the subconscious mind. However, that is not all that easily done because the subconscious mind is quick to identify any hints of doubt we might harbour. What that means is that in any course of action unless we believe:

  • We absolutely want the outcome;
  • We are capable of achieving the desired outcome;
  • The desired outcome will be achieved,

then it isn’t going to happen. This may explain, at least to some extent, why such approaches as using positive thinking, affirmations and, for that matter, popping pills, don’t appear particularly successful in restoring and maintaining long-term health.

So the bottom line
Is that in order to improve our health we have to satisfy the subconscious mind we need to know without doubt that we are in complete control of our health – to know with certainty that we can create whatever level of physical, sexual and mental health we desire.

Arguably the most powerful way this can be achieved is through action and reward. This means that if we really want to take control, all the techniques we use must be things to actually do and not things to simply contemplate. Equally important is the fact that the techniques must produce rewards that are so powerful that they reinforce and build on the belief that you are in control your health.

In summary
The preferred strategy is to put you directly in charge of your health by reprogramming your subconscious mind through action and the removal of uncertainty through strongly positive results. That said, there are few, if any, other approaches that can compare in power with the experience of taking control of your health, the thrill of awesome potential and the exquisite sensual pleasure gained through active knowledgeable exploration of your body.

The success of the strategy relies on the fact that the techniques used can produce results so rewarding and so noticeable that the user cannot fail to be convinced of the control they possess over their health. Once they experience that fact any messages about the inevitability of ill health and aging that may be stored in their subconscious mind will be deleted.

Your comments on this series of posts or any other of the posts are very welcome. I want this site to be a place where the ‘averasge joe” can escape from the medicos and scientists and discover that they themselves can easily become their own brain-care specialist. 



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