Are You Stopping Yourself Being Healthy?…Most People Are! (Part 1)

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This is first in a 3-part series of posts which may well prove to be somewhat controversial.  In these posts we are going to look at the role the sub-conscious mind plays in determining the state of your health. Don’t be under any illusions it plays a vital role.

Oh dear… I’ve got a horrible feeling you’re just about to switch off and go and watch cable. But, you know what… that’s exactly what your subconscious mind wants you to do!

Are you still reading… that’s fantastic! In fact, it could arguably be the most important step in taking control of your physical and mental health.                     

Your remarkable body
For me, the remarkable things about body are firstly, the fact that under ideal conditions it knows how to restore and maintain itself for about 120 years (this limit is set by the number of times a cell can subdivide) and second, that each cell in the body is replaced (through a process of cell division) during a period of about seven years.

Why do we get old
So we have to ask the question – if the body knows exactly how to look after itself and we routinely get  ‘new’ body parts, why do we experience ill-health and aging? In other words, why don’t we get ‘new’ health too?

In an attempt to answer this question I want to look at two factors. The first concerns the physical aspect and the second the mental aspect.  At the physical level if we abuse our body cells their performance is compromised and when the cells subdivide that compromise is transmitted to the next generation and so on. Also there is largely unavoidable corruption of the DNA at each subdivision – so you can appreciate we really need to look after our cells in order to live a long and healthy life.

What’s happening up top!
Just as important is what is going on at the mental level. I don’t think there’s any doubt that many of us have unwittingly turned off our good health ‘switch’.
We have been conditioned (albeit unintentionally) by healthcare product marketers and health authorities to accept ill health and aging as normal. This acceptance is further reinforced by our friends and relations becoming ill and/or departing this world and by our own attitude to health care.

We’ve conditioned ourselves
In effect, we have programmed our subconscious mind to believe and accept the fact that illness and aging are inevitable. – when as far as the body is concerned they are most definitely not.

In the next post I will look at what this means for those of us who wish to stay fit and healthy for life.

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