About BrainRap

A major purpose of this blog is to provide a place where we ordinary people can discuss and learn about the brain and thinking without feeling we’re asking stupid questions. It is hopefully going to become a sort of ’safe-house’ for those of us that want to boost our brain power and care for our brain. If you reflect on that you’ll realize we insure all our other assets like house, life and car (we even polish that to keep it looking smart)… yet we do nothing for our greatest and most precious asset What’s more, we assume the brain is so complex that we shouldn’t really interfere with it.

In light of that it is of equal importance that this blog help sweep away the mysticism that surrounds brain science and paints it as a field where only the most highly educated specialists can play. The aura that creates is a major barrier against encouraging people to engage in brain ’self-help’.

That said it becomes imperative that this blog puts ‘its money where its mouth is’ and proves that anyone can boost their brain power, discover how to think and learn how to keep their brain vital and alert without the need for money or specialist training of any sort.

Enjoy your journey of self-discovery… it’s  virtually guaranteed to amaze you with the awesome power each and every one of us has available.